Countdown to the Season One Invitational!

Get Ready for the 2017 Season One Invitational Weekend!

While Magic: The Gathering players throughout the world have been competing to qualify for a coveted seat at the 2017 Season One Invitational, and Big Lick Entertainment - one of Virginia's premier festival and concert organizers – have been hard at work creating an event experience unlike anything either organization has previously offered.

Today, I’m excited to peel back the curtain a bit and give Magic: The Gathering fans a glimpse at some of what they can expect at the 2017 Season One Invitational!

On Thursday, June 29th, downtown Roanoke’s FPS Café & Spirits restaurant will welcome all Magic: The Gathering fans for a special pre-Invitational gathering featuring live music, a special Magic: The Gathering-themed menu and more! Make plans to join us for a relaxing evening of good food, good friends and good fun before the big weekend begins.

When the 2017 Season One Invitational venue opens its doors the following morning, attendees will be greeted by a number of familiar faces, including those belonging to many of the industry’s premier vendors. But this time, our magical merchants will be joined by some special guests fans aren’t used to seeing at Invitational weekends:

Guest of Honor
Rob Alexander
rk post
Christopher Moeller
Thomas Baxa
Ken Meyer Jr.
Victor Adame Minguez
Vanessa Martin

However, what will most likely stand out to fans isn’t what they’re not accustomed to seeing at Invitational weekends, but what they’re not accustomed to seeing at most, if any, Magic: The Gathering events…

  • Commemorative Invitational t-shirts and hoodies printed on-demand while you wait
  • Massage chairs staffed by a team of licensed massage therapists
  • An on-site arcade featuring 8-10 full-size arcade machines (all FREE to play!)
  • FREE mobile device charging stations

…and much, much more thanks to The CW Network, FastSigns, Wireless Zone, Ultimate Guard, and the rest of our 2017 Season One Invitational weekend sponsors!

Of course, an SCG Tour event wouldn't be an SCG Tour event without the chance to acquire some sweet swag, and 2017 Season One Invitational weekend attendees will be amongst the first to be able to get their hands on all-new SCG Tour® 2017 Season Two exclusive playmats featuring Amonkhet Masterpieces, Bontu the Glorified, Spell Pierce and Daze!

Bontu the Glorified
Spell Pierce

The 2017 Season One Invitational weekend is going to be a blast, but if you won't be able to join us on-site, you can still experience all of the action from the comfort of your own home! Starting Friday morning, join thousands of Magic: the Gathering fans from around the world as Cedric Phillips, Craig Krempels, Matthias Hunt, Ryan Overturf, Nick Miller and the entire SCG Tour coverage team bring you live coverage of the 2017 Season One Invitational from start to finish over at!

Stay tuned as we continue to announce more details about June 30th-July 2nd's 2017 Season One Invitational Weekend, and make plans to join us in Roanoke as Invitational competitors battle for their share of $100,000!

Pete Hoefling